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Becoming a METRO customer


METRO Germany is a wholesale market for trade professionals, self-employed persons, freelancers and (registered) associations. You can easily become a customer online or in one of our stores.

German version


Official identification card


Business license

(Not older than 1 year) and the appropriate tax number of your business


METRO customer card

Advantages of your METRO card

  • Range of up to 50.000 food and non-food items
  • huge assortment and attractive prices
  • time-saving and straightforward shopping experience

Become a METRO customer and take an advantage of discounts up to 20%

After becoming a METRO customer you receive vouchers and coupons for our largest assortments:

Fresh meat
Fresh fish
Fruit & Vegetables
Cheese & Fine Foods
Professional gastronomic items
Office supplies
Non-alcoholic drinks & Beer


Becoming a customer in our stores

You can easily become a customer at our customer entrance in a METRO store of your choice and order a customer card
To do so you have to bring along the following documents for registration:
  • official identification document
  • business license
  • tax number of your business

Register in our stores

Requirements for your METRO customer card:


1. You can become a customer of METRO if you belong to the following customer groups

  • Gastronomy company (e.g. restaurants, hotels or catering services)
  • Businesses and service providers (e.g. retailers, commercial consumers such as offices and agencies)
  • Institutions (e.g. associations, hospitals, canteens, etc.)
  • Freelancers (e.g. freelance doctors, architects or journalists)
  • (registered) Associations

2. Required documents (please bring along for your registration):

  • Official identitification document
  • Business license (not older than one year) (e.g. business registration, excerpt from the Commercial Register or the associations register with a written confirmation of the executive board, etc.)
  • Tax number of your business

3. Personal contact

To be handed out a customer card of full value for the visit of a METRO market, personal contact is necessary. This is possible either by contacting an account manager or by visiting your local METRO store. If you decide to become a customer online, you receive your METRO customer card in your METRO store.

To receive further information please contact our customer service.

With your METRO customer card you can shop in every METRO store in Germany as well as in every METRO and MAKRO store abroad. If you would like to shop abroad, you receive a day pass at sight of your customer card.